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About MEF

MEF是一个拥有210多家会员公司的行业协会, 使服务提供商能够创建一个全球网络生态系统,为数字经济和超连接世界提供按需服务. These agile, assured, 精心编排的服务提供了以云为中心的体验,对网络资源和服务功能进行用户和应用程序导向的控制. These services are delivered over automated, virtualized, 以及由生命周期服务编制(LSO)提供支持的互联网络, SDN, and NFV.  MEF produces LSO frameworks, open LSO APIs, software-driven reference implementations, service specifications, certification programs, and market education. MEF的工作将使标准化波长的自动传输成为可能, Carrier Ethernet, IP, SD-WAN, 以及跨多个提供商网络的Layer 4-7服务.

MEF's Service to the Industry

MEF defined the Third Network concept, 它结合了Internet的敏捷性和普及性以及ce2的性能和安全性.0 networks. 第三网络服务提供随需应变的体验,用户可以直接控制服务功能和云连接. These new services are delivered over automated, virtualized, 以及由LSO(生命周期服务编制)提供支持的互联网络, SDN, NFV, and CE 2.0 (Carrier Ethernet 2.0).

MEF正在联合业界的努力,使服务提供商能够跨多个提供商和多个技术领域(例如.g., Packet WAN, NFV, SD WAN, etc.) within a single network provider. Orchestrated inter-provider services, in particular, 服务创新是否具有真正改变游戏规则的潜力, competition, and revenue generation.

MEF拥有200多家领先成员公司, including 130 service providers, network operator and its technology vendor community, 建立在强大的800亿美元运营商以太网服务和技术市场, 并通过LSO为第三网络提供了一个实际的演变, SDN, and NFV implementations that build upon a CE 2.0 foundation.

Value of Membership

MEF members include Tier 1, 2 and 3 service providers, hardware and OSS/orchestration software providers, as well as test labs, test equipment and test software providers. 他们的会员遍布全球,其中大约50%来自北美, 23% from APAC, 21% from EMEA and 6% from CALA.

Membership benefits include:

  • 提前了解相关行业技术标准的发展
  • 能够影响标准,使之与公司目标保持一致
  • 实现与公司目标一致的标准
  • 通过合作,在MEF 130多个SP成员中实现思想领导
  • 通过参与获得公司和个人的知名度
  • 通过在MEF市场活动中的合作努力获得认可
  • Services & equipment certification
MEF CECP Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional
MEF CE 2.0 Certified

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